Street style is one of the fastest growing fashion trends. From chunky sneakers to vibrant track pants, there is an endless room for creativity and unique self expression. And while street style has always embraced the avant garde style, Tokyo is the creme de la creme when it comes to shocking the fashion world with its progressive trends. Street style in Tokyo has many different niches, from Lolita looks to androgynous monochromatic silhouettes, there has been heavy emphasis on individuality and personal style.  

The Past

In the early 2000’s Tokyo was famous for its Lolita and Gyaru clad streets. From girls with frilly dresses and wigs to others with short skirts, tanned skin, and bleached hair. In more recent times Tokyo has made a different, though equally daring, effect on the fashion realm. Since the 80’s Tokyo’s foot in fashion has been rising at an exponential rate, with the likes of Comme De Garcons and others, Tokyo is a big player in the fashion industry. Since then, the street style scene has grown into something bigger than just the western perception of Harajuku girls wearing bright colors.

Vintage Remake Trend

One of the many trends that Tokyo youth are partaking in is something referred to as “Vintage Remake”, which takes vintage styled clothes that usually have less emphasis on the silhouette of the clothing and more emphasis on the style and pattern. Most people will buy these pieces and make it even more interesting, by tearing it and restitching new fabric or designs on to it or by layering it with another interesting piece. Because most of these clothes have been altered to the wearers personal style, they are generally one of a kind garments that emphasize the creativity of the style.

Minamilistic Mode Trend

While being bold with colors, patterns, and textures may be extremely popular, another popular street style is “Minimalistic Mode”, which offers a monochromatic look that incorporates interesting hemlines, asymmetrical styles, and lots of layering for an androgynous look. Minimalistic mode generally showcases an outfit that is monochromatic and has little to no pattern, most of the emphasis being on androgyny and simplicity. This style is typically paired with interesting hairstyles and accessories that compliment the monochromatic and minimalistic style of it all.

Colorful Layer Trend

The colorful layer style is something that seems to be taken straight out of a manga, by mixing patterns, fabrics, and layers the style is anything but ordinary. “Colorful layer” style puts lots of emphasis on combining different lengths of clothing and putting different patterns together in one outfit. There is also a big emphasis on the different textures in an outfit, as it blends lace, silk, and cotton all into one outfit. Patchwork is something often seen adorning these outfits that are matched with different layers or jackets, slips, and coats. Bold and graphic accessories like statement jewelry or colored oversized sunglasses also embellish the style.  

It’s clear that the creativity found in the streets of Tokyo will only continue to grow and be more daring, this eclectic style will only be enhanced with time. With these styles not only breaking but rewriting every known fashion rule, they are sure to make a big impact in fashion history.


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