Rarely football (soccer) and fashion seemed to get along so well as it appears to be recently. Perhaps because of the sporty chic style ’s definitive take over, metaphorically tackling even in the haute couture universe, the boundary line between these two parallel hemispheres does not look so clear anymore.

You might even think it is non-existent if we consider the latest trend that affects the winter season 17/18, of which we are talking about, straight from the most important fashion headlines and the latest fashion weeks,in particular, which turned the soccer scarf into the new object of the desire of worldwide influencers , i.e the Balenciaga logo scarf.


All this attention to the famous football scarf puts the spotlight ,once again, on the concept of practicality and democraticism of fashion, that more and more designers are adopting.


The scarf is, in fact, commonly made of polyester, not at all the most precious and expensive material,and began to be used by the hooligans of England from the twentieth century, to face the rainy and windy afternoons at the stadium, while at the same time allowing them to show off the social colors of the team they supported .


Pioneer to what would have been one of the trends of this winter was, in some ways, Roberto Mancini, who wore on his Italian tailored jackets, the blue and white scarf that recalled the colors of Manchester City, the team he was training a couple seasons ago, soon becoming a real trendetter at the eyes of English medias and fans.


The trend was subsequently taken over by influencers,previously at Russian fashion week, and then received its definitive consecration when such brands as Vetements, Stella McCartney and Lanvin included, in their latest collections, the hooligan scarf as a must have item to wear also outside the stadium, so that their typical vibrant colors can enlighten winter’s darker shades.

Maria Russo


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