For the last (plus-minus) four years we have praised fashion and society for attempting to break the industry rules. However, though it seemed clear in magazines and paper- Rihanna has officially made sure that it is made clear in reality to anyone that didn’t know. And in doing so- she’s making sure that it stays clear.

The theme for New York Fashion Week seemingly and significantly was the celebration of diversity but no one did it better than Rihanna in her first ever NYFW show; Savage X Fenty. The Grammy award winner attracted universal attention with her lavish and over the top production of runaway choreography (choreographed by the phenomenal Parris Goebel), dancers and A-list model line up that including the Hadid sisters.

Fashion is about representation. It is meant to reflect everything and anything that society feels and is currently experiencing. Rihanna used her platform to showcase the celebration of being a woman. Models ranged from differences in race, size, ethnicity, age and let’s not forget that a very pregnant Slick Woods took the runway. We won’t talk about the fact that the show was so legendary- her bundle of joy was ready to see. Minutes after coming off the runway, she was taken to the nearest hospital to give birth to her first child.

And though Slick Woods was not the only pregnant model on the runway, the whole world witnessed something that is not seen every day; being a woman is difficult enough. But we will still get up and do what we are meant to do and still look sexy doing it. “My mission is just to have women all over the world feel comfortable and sexy and have fun with lingerie. And tonight was just one of those experiences that I wanted people to feel that energy. I wanted them to feel all different body types, all the different women in different stages of their womanhood” Rihanna told Huffington Post. She added by saying to E!News “Women are the strongest people on earth. Our bodies alone are made to do so many different things and they’re designed in so many different unique ways. If you have the blessing to be able to bring life into this world it should be celebrated as well.”  

Thick, thin, tall, short, black, white, pregnant or not– Rihanna had every woman that took part in her show join in hands at the end of the show. The power that came with the world witnessing that is how as women we are already great. Together we are unstoppable. The fact that it was a lingerie line adds a comment to the woman’s body not belonging to anyone but the woman who possesses it. Looking at the current state of the world, this is a message that needed to be relayed. Whatever I wear does not entitle a man to proceed with the filthy actions that he feels “obligated” to do.

Gone are the days that we as women have to be sexy for anyone but ourselves and Rihanna took that meaning to a whole new level.

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