This album is duality of living in Miami & what it brings. I wrote on a angle how I see Miami through my eyes. The reason I chose the title “Sin” Paradise is because it’s a play on how everything Miami is known for “evil” or wrong, but living here is the Norm. I also wanted to talk about the side of Miami of which the media does not talk about. My Miami is not south beach, Bright lights, or club driving, That is one aspect of Miami that they sell for tourists and people that don’t live here. My Miami is poverty, drugs , kids adapting to certain type of life or environment for survival. I Represent DADE COUNTY! So this is for kids that stuck in the projects who don’t know their father , who brothers, and/or cousin in streets or dead and think this is all life offers them. BE DIFFERENT, BE YOU STAY ALIVE, AND MAKE IT OUT !!


ITunes – Sin Paradise

Tidal – Sin Paradise


The gentrification in Miami and how it affected my family:

“267”, 2017.

267 is a Documentary about a house that helped raise a community, and after 40 years, the family is now being pushed out, due to the rise of gentrification in a neighborhood in Miami, called Wynwood. Due to the rise of Wynwood’s forever changing “Arts District,” the original people of the town are being driven further and further out of a place they were able to call home. The story starts with the head of the household, Marino Moya. A hard working man from DR, who has lived in the home since 1978. The documentary then interviews his grandson, Raymond Gratereaux (aka Xleoniduz), and friends, who share their memories of the home.

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Story by Raymond Gratereaux (@Xleoniduz)
Shot & Directed by Terence Price (@MxLawkii)


The Real Miami

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