We go again,

An event for the culture. This is Hood Couture and it would be remiss if we did not speak on events happening within the culture.

Places Plus Faces are different from the usual talking points, but credit to a true company of the culture. They throw amazing parties and it’s great to be part of some of these.

This time PlacePlusFaces are throwing a huge shindig for the likes of you and me that like loud music an amazing vibe and creative people, their Trailer is just a taste of what they can do.

Here’s a recap of the PlacesPlusFaces 5 Anniversary featuring artist like Octavian, Suspect, Goldlink, AJ Tracy, Jesse James Solomon & Jammer if there’s names in that list that you don’t know but are gonna find out but this is the perfect type of event for you my guys and girls.

Watch out for more info but grab your tickets & be ready to have an amazing time.

Hello, AOL

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