Straight cut with draped counterpoints or transparent fabrics gives the tone of the collection.

Nina brings black, beige and white as double agents: now they are highlights, now are the stands for the color block, chess and maxi pieces shine through the catwalk. The well-structured pieces from the first minutes are remodeled with drapery and fluid fabrics that give the whole break of sobriety and bring modern air to the pieces that can be seen on the catwalks as well as on the streets and in the bars. As an accessory, the Cloche hat is well adjusted and smooth in vibrant colors as to give an air of 2020 in the 1920’s; the pouch comes as perfect geometric component in basic colors that serve as an up on any other piece. The fluidity of the dresses is a spectacle apart as they seem to float.
Finally, an explosion of colors with the final pieces closes a collection that went from the classic to the sport for the ball of gala in a very subtle and growing way. The perfect way to avoid the cold.

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