Incredible but true, the dusty fanny pack hidden in the storage closet could finally come in handy. Yes, belt bags and the ever-so-criticised animal prints are back with a loud blast from the past directly from the 80s and we can finally feel completely entitled to borrow mom’s clothes.

Rockin’ Shoulder Pads

Up to recent times, fashion icons would mainly sport soft-and-sinuous-line outfits as if it was dictated by law; now, this rule is overcome: as Saint Laurent suggests, forget elegant curves and welcome edgy corners and extra-adornments. With or without fringes, padded shoulders are the protagonists of the 2018 fashion scene. They highlight the silhouette, give a sharp twist to your look and makes you feel more self-confident.

Denim on Denim

The notorious rule “don’t wear a denim jacket if you’re wearing jeans” is not applicable anymore, and so isn’t any other law pullulating the collective imaginary expecting a giant, red “X” on the “denim on denim” style. 2018 is the theatre for high-rise, clear-wash mom jeans matched with oversized denim jackets either plain or, why not, decorated with extravagant and personalised patches. Golden rule, watch out: not all denim types are compatible with each other.

The Haute Couture Fanny Pack

Initially introduced as a lifesaver for sport supporters and fitness enthusiasts, the fanny pack is now a must-have at the trendiest parties of NYC and LA. Among all the belt bag ambassadors, Alessandra Ambrosio doesn’t let the opportunity slip away and shows off her designer accessory at this year’s Coachella – and Gucci is thankful.

Animal Prints & Electric Colours

The classic cheetah print takes over control – as always -, but the true and newest trend is the cheetah print on coloured background. The most acclaimed Fashion Week catwalks have seen zebra and cheetah prints parading on bright green, fuchsia and even a mix-of-the-two background. From the tailleur to the chiffon blouse, animals and dyes reign over all.


Skintight or loose on the hips, the street-chic tracksuit becomes a perfectly trendy outfit. Geometrical shapes hinting at the 80s are clearly everybody’s favorite and, thanks to their glossy neon colours, they make heads turn even on the streets. But don’t forget the monochromatic tracksuit: enriched by a lateral band on arms and legs, it is granted a podium position.

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