We Go Again,

It’s winter time people are layering up and really dressing dressing as they would like to think. And others can’t wait to wear their baggies and their comfiest. There are others who are almost still dressing the same though. A guild of men who style like nomads, simple minimalistic and have the ability to weather most storms a key signature of there’s is the ability to be waterproof – which is a big big deal in this city we call London, with over 200 days of rain – this group has a name; they go by many names; this group has many signature styles; they are all guided by the same philosophy. Techwear.

I will tell you where it all started for me. Sir Yohji Yamamoto again. With his adidas Y-3 the sleek minimalism design drew me in way back in 2010if memory serves and all I wanted were these pair of Yohjis. All I knew back then was Alexander McQueen and the high fashion luxury realm. Then I found something I would really wear & something that has really become grailed in the techwear bubble we’re in today back when all I saw was dope design. Which brings me to Rick Owens the most Grailed man (these were before the days I knew what a fricking grail was to be honest with you) and now my people and these new people have merged. People really buy Rick just to own Rick today & this is somewhat because of the state of the techbeasts.

Techwear has found its way into the houses of many from all the way commercial like Off white and A*Cold*Wall(acw)to the Ines with more mystique like ACG Alyx and Acronym. Where people may know the collaborations with Nike because of the techwear-hypebeast which is amazing. Techwear has hypebeast meaning the attention these men garner and the independence of their brands are extremely high making them rockstars of the techwear game.

The *A-Class (a*c*w, alyx, acronym acg)stars in really bought techwear to the hypesphere, all of these companies have made their way to or around a Nike sneaker or collab with the industrial collage look they create literally cut and paste / cut and sew in look (:D) or military apparel (colourful ropes or straps) or slicked down panels all key feature of what techwear entails

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

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