Making fashion waves while promoting feminism

The world doesn’t need anymore backlash comments on visiting the subject of what it means to be a mother in the 21st century. The world does not need anymore backward comments on what should be deemed as appropriate for a mother to wear and act anymore. In actual fact the world doesn’t need a pg ratings on fashion anymore as statements need to be heard, seen…admired if not inspired.

Who eradicates backlash backward ratings and comments better than Cardi B.

In her latest music video-Money, Cardi demonstrates the power of being a fashionable 21st century is all about. In other words she literally “destroys all her haters” that ever had something to say about her career, her being a young mother and her bold fashion statements.

In one of her scenes, the rapper plays homage to what  many people consider one of the greats- Lil’ Kim. Cardi wears a replica of the same outfit that lil Kim wore at the 1997 MTV video music awards. What she also gave off at the same time was the illusion of the great Egyptian FEMALE ruler-  Cleopatra. This says enough as in history she will be known as one of the greatest rappers and will site herself as a queen.

The video also exhibited the outfits she wore in 2018. Many of them being a trending topic at this year Milan Fashion week. Within the museum setting of the music video- she displays herself in a glass box which could have multiple means but the one that stands out for me is the statement that she is a work of art. Considering that the video focused predominantly on females- she could be talking about “females being the work of art”.

A universal statement that comes together in the end when one evaluates every aspect of the video. Specifically looking at the scene where she is seen breastfeeding her child (or a child). There is this stigma that still exists amongst people today that being a mother means that your actions will be measured with a level of appropriateness that society has drawn up. Cardi fights all of this in 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Adding strippers to her video had the element of acceptance into know before a future-comes a past and no one should be judged for that. Cardi has always been open about the fact that she she liked being a stripper and she knows there are people that judge her for that. However she has also said that being a stripper afforded her many opportunities- one of which was obviously making money. In this she also shows the struggle that women have to undergo with judgment- that men don’t suffer.

Breastfeeding her child in the video also allowed for the world to understand that there was no law written that your life stops when you have a child. Yes, your life is about your child but the depth of a person comes from self-knowledge. And knowing that you still look and feel good about yourself should never be disguised under the banner of being a mother.

More so- the scene allows for us to understand that the idea of nudity is a social construct. Other than breastfeeding her child, Cardi also displays the bare breasts of her dancers in fashionable black and white attire. In Cardi doing this, she shows what is behind the baby gaining nourishment from her mother. Moreso it paints a clear and vivid picture. Men can and will take their t-shirts off in public and for some men it will be deemed as appropriate and sometimes sexy. When a woman takes her breast out to feed her child-some will call it public indecency.

A lot more can be said about the video but maybe I am just being a biased Bardi-gang member. But even at the slightest view of this, with the slightest knowledge – one can see clearly that Cardi is making a fashionable wave of a statement int the most fierce and feminist way. In this I am reminded of a fruitful thought that she brings to mind to inspire “all a bad bitch [really} needs is money”.

Check out the music video for yourself.

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