We go again,

It seems that Ricardo Tisci is making sure his mark is left with the High fashion brand Burberry by revealing all new logo and monogram pattern, which they haven’t done in the past 20 years.

Tisci who studied in England’s own Central Saint Martins Academy on the cusp of the millennium and made his mark on Givenchy, Couture and menswear aims his sights back on Britain the Revitalise in a sense the Burberry aesthetic.

The monogram pattern details a continuous interlocking weave around a contemporary B letterform The chiqué new pattern shows so much contemplation between the relationship in the size of the letters’ placement and the weave that locks them all together, looking closely they read TB ‘Burberry as seen by Tisci‘ perhaps? An ode to the collaboration that they are engaging with.

Looking like it will really draw in a younger base, aside from the truly British Tartan pattern this seems like it will turn heads when it comes to merchandising and drawing in the younger demo.

I feel this was the main contemplation between this and the new typeface they’ve chosen, made with Peter Savile- a master designer in his own right- in collaboration with Tisci to thrust the age old Luxury House from the Burberry Equestrian Knight logo into the new renaissance with a serif font. Could also be a nod to what’s to come as we lead into the 20’s. Who knows what this holds for the future of the Brand.

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