Japanese photographer Yoshito Hasaka is famously known for his reimagined perspective of Tokyo. His pictures can transform Tokyo into a blooming garden, dystopian movie and more. Through his iphone camera lens, Hasaka has managed to transform the way we look at nightlife and skylines, with moody cool tones and intense clarity. One can’t help but look at his photographs as a portal into an alternate dimension.

Hasaka has taken surrealism to the next level, by playing around with brightness, contrast, temperature, and tones he’s able to transform a previously normal picture of Tokyo into one that seems fake. Hasaka has mentioned before that he chose to start playing with color alterations when he saw many black and white pictures of skylines, his creative twist on the black and white picture was to make the tone of it extremely blue. Making the picture look like it was glowing.

Photographs that are perfectly symmetrical and seem to illuminate the pages have gained the attention of major companies and fashion houses such as Gucci. In 2016 Hasaka and many other creatives from around the Asian continent collaborated with Gucci for their latest online campaign, #GucciGram. Alongside the likes of Chinese artist Cao Fei and many others, Hasaka gained notoriety from the successful campaign.


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