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A series of Intimate Events

A Series of intimate events are taking place city to city known as The Militia Pop up shops. We not only promote these pop-up shops for ourselves and building our brands, but for any artist, painters, performers, and business owners in each city we’re currently hosting and/or planning to visit. We provide food, drinks, and performances in hopes of creating a festival every year for people to take part of genuinely create a culture together, The Militia series of intimate events. The series of intimate events are solely centered around the mental breakthrough of our CEO, Schadre Dent, and the platform she wants to spread city to city to encourage all artist around her to continue fighting and pursuing their dreams.


Lasting Impact

Our events started in Atlanta February 2018 and we will be hosting them every year in Atlanta, Miami, New York and soon Jacksonville Florida. The basis being live painting, live visual art, live dancing, and connecting. We genuinely believe the culture of gatherings have started to change into a hierarchy of who’s better than another, and/or who has more than the other. Creating VIP treatment as well as people who feel as though they can’t give the struggling parts of society a chance to grow as individuals, as artist. While we are aware sometimes people are at your table to eat and not provide plates of their own, The Militia looks to give people the opportunity to be in the room and deicide if they want to set at our table. The Militia is here to feed the souls of everyone who connects with our CEO Schadre Dent. When Schadre started the series of intimate events they were centered around mental health and mental breakthroughs. The reason the Militia itself was created because it formed from a mental breakthrough, a place where we wanted to breath through all the toxins surrounding us as a collective. We would like to share our stories, energy, and events with the world. To each artist, business, and individual who’s worked with us and witness our mission we’ve left lasting impressions.  Our overall goals are to start mental health parades aside from our pop-up shops every year, and we would like to start in our hometown Jacksonville, Florida. The Mental Health Parades will have special made T-shirts that we will be selling aside from the free tickets to participate for anyone interested. Any money from our mental health parade T-shirts will be donated to children in inner city environments. We as a company want to be a part of the change; starting with the mind and giving everyone the chance at bringing their minds to peace with proper guidance and therapy. We want to be apart of the change our kids need, the kids are our future. Even the kids who are adults now, and never had the opportunity to be who they truly felt in their soul they were, we are here to liberate and dedicate true passion and true love for you.


The Militia Series of Intimate Events Availability

The Militia Series of Intimate Events is a moment we are looking to share with you, the intimacy cannot be duplicated nor fabricated and we would love to have you as a witness. The Militia has a commitment to deliver you moments you can remember and share as well as understand the basis of feeding your soul with us.

Love Always

The Militia

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