2018 is the year where so many people are breaking a countless amount of boundaries. Boundaries that one never thought possible. Laverne Cox on the cover Cosmopolitan, the rise of more transgender and gay make-up artists breaking the stereotype that make-up is just for women and let’s not forget when Black Panther hit the big screen opening up for a new wave of conversation. Just when you thought that all the boundaries had been broken and nothing more could come of 2018- Wizkid proved the whole world wrong.

This past weekend saw how the Afrobeats singer made history by being the first ever African Artist to walk the runway at a Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2019 men fashion show in Milan, Italy. What was described as both legendary and a proud moment for Africa as he made his runway debut in a D&G original black and gold detailed pants and bomber jacket? Let’s not forget the metallic piece that was over his face that exuded strength and power as he walked.Df0hN2PXkAAwzg_

The show itself opened up for all sorts of people. We saw old and young, people of all shapes and sizes and not to mention of every colour. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, D&G made sure that every single person had a moment on that runway. As many do know, Wizkid comes from Nigeria- a country considered to be very conservative (with its liberal elements). However, with that said, Wizkid has done more than represent his country- he has represented the entire continent of Africa.

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There is a political message that comes with him dressing in that way is not considered the norm for men, especially in some African Countries. The limit of what a man can wear and not wear is broken down not only by Wizkid, but by other men in the show. The whole concept of progression comes to mind and sparks a conversation of why should men be blasé about their appearance. The idea of metrosexualism becomes more of a concept to anyone watching the show, especially to those who never identified the ideology. Even the women in the show who wore suits that should have originally be seen on men, this speaks louder volumes than words could ever


To add onto Wizkid making history. He has also done the outstanding thing to eliminate the westernized view of what people would consider beautiful and attractive. More so he has broken any stereotype that comes with how the world views Africa and the people that reside in its walls. This is a whole conversation on it’s own.

Joining him on the runway was the Queen herself of Runway, Naomi Campbell. Naomi even went as far as to post a picture of her and Wizkid together calling him her “gangster”. Ask anyone, if you get her high majesty’s approval- you have made it.


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