We go again,

A show put on by Ghesquière, a cup of tea for those that like there’s served in fine china freshly polished, in a time paid for on their fathers credit card. They LIVE. We can only wish, I was really feeling the Hilary Banks, Murphy Brown the true boss. The lady executive of the 80’s that was the only one in the room but manoeuvred like she owned the place. To the men in the room had no idea what shoes or suit she was wearing but loved it and drew in their attention & every receptionist and scribe assistant lunch lady aspired to be her or her daughter to have the wits to get to her level you know the one. true statement pieces in shapes and cuts that are lost on some today, who wouldn’t know what to do with it but to those that do will. This is no average debutant attire. The woman is high life and always has been, The pacing and music of the show showed this. Every step taken from the staging to the shoes held meaning and attitude of the woman this was meant for.

I remember not, nor have I associated with this woman because my credit card is the wrong colour and my money is too new but one can only hope can’t they.

Hello, AOL

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