When certain combinations of colours comes together, they exude either a magnitude of boldness, a complexity, while other times they bring out the fragile and precious element of perspective. From the beautifully tailored silhouettes, adorned with lace and silk, combined with bold and soft hues of beige and cream to outstanding red and blue, Dion Lee presented his S/S 2019 collection with models that moulded into one with stunning ensembles.

Having only debuted for NYFW recently, Dion Lee has placed himself in the centre of the fashion world taking the dress style of Australian ideas abroad, and has amassed a legion of loyal fans all over the years – respectfully so.

What makes Dion Lee so stunning with every season and a standout for the eyes are the collection of various details making up each look as the models strut down the path of the industrial venue and concrete ground. Deconstruction, sleek and sexy were the main key points with an ode to the inspiration of privacy. Privacy, as it is, is the concept of keeping to one’s self, to be subtle, silent, easily missed.

That concept came into manifestation with the fusion of lingerie in clothing – a bit of peeping, peeking, voyeurism. The half-deconstructed silhouettes that came down the runway showcased Lee in his element: the desire to find new ways to recreate something pre-existing with a twist. Fusing together lace slips with blazers and dresses allowed the clothes to be delicate and tough, hidden and seen, closed but also open. With deep plunging neck lines and a peculiar interest in the hip area, Lee’s beautiful line-up of pieces presented unconventional beauty in a formidable manner of asymmetry and incompleteness.

The array of colours that Lee chose were eye-catching, whether they stood against the skin of the models that came down the runway or almost melted into their bodies. The collective tonal combination made for delicate bralettes, half-cut blazers and skirts, while bolder colours of red, sapphire blue and black showcased more sensual attire of well-cut slip dresses and trousers.

In addition to the clothes with an effortless feel, makeup was left exceptionally minimal, with the powerful effect of delicate temporary tattoos designed to snake through the bodies of the models as a one – from the shoulders to the ribs and even slinking through the legs.

“Privacy [just] felt like a really interesting touch point in terms of how people approach their bodies and communicate themselves,” Lee had said post-show. “The idea was to blur [underpinnings] into the clothes so that, for instance, a lace slip would blend into a dress and seem joint as one.”

As they say, less is more.

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